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I feel good, like I know that I should.

And eating certain foods can make you feel even better.

Here’s some suggestions from registered dietician Keri Glassman of KKG Body Fuel in New York City.

For more energy

1. Water
Water is essential to all of your functions, particularly converting food into energy. The most important food – drink lots of it.

2. Pineapple
The manganese and thiamin in pineapple helps to metabolize carbohydrates. Carbs are energy so pineapple is like a turbocharger.

3. Almonds
Like pineapple, almonds have lots of magnesium, which will turn those carbs into energy.

These will relax you and relieve stress

4. Milk
Milk (like all dairy products) has whey protein, which decreases anxiety and frustration.

5. Avocados
Avocados have lots of “good” fat. The monosaturated fats in avocados help keep the receptors in your brain sensitive to serotonin. Plus these fats lower your blood pressure.

6. Oatmeal
The carbs in oatmeal trigger the release of serotonin, a hormone that relaxes you.

7. Folic Acid
Foods like spinach, lentils and whole-grain cereals contain folic acid which helps maintain normal levels of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin makes you feel relaxed and happy. Popeye was a happy guy, right?

These will make you smarter

8. Omega-3s
These fatty acids are found in fish like salmon and nuts like walnuts. Your brain needs Omega-3s for memory and cognitive performance.

9. Eggs
Eggs have been linked to memory and recall. People who eat eggs regularly have been shown to have superior memories.

10. Whole Grains
These grains feed glucose, which is basic sugar, to your brain and your brain needs it to function. Forget the sugar you get from processed food like cookies. That stuff breaks down rapidly causing your blood sugar to spike. The glucose in whole grains breaks down slowly giving your brain a steady supply. That can improve alertness, concentration and memory.

Bonus good mood food

Chocolate should make anyone happy even if it’s physiological. But it, in fact,
contains caffeine, a stimulant that triggers the release of serotonin and endorphins.

We have no food on our web site. But since you are in a great mood, have lots of energy and are highly alert from these foods, you might want to check out our brain games.

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